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Fiesta Lincoln - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)
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If you’re on the hunt for cutting-edge Lincoln SUVs for sale near Mesa, AZ, then plug in our address to your GPS! Fiesta Lincoln is located at 1720 S. Mesa Dr. in Mesa, AZ, 85210. Now that you know where we are let’s find you the perfect Lincoln SUV. Whether you’re looking to take home the flagship Lincoln Navigator or something that caters to a solo driving lifestyle, we’ll make sure you’ll fall in love with a vehicle that feels like it was made just for you. Scroll below for model highlights, features, and more.

Meet Our Lincoln SUVs for Sale Near Mesa, AZ

If you’re new to the Lincoln brand, then you’re about to experience a breathtaking expression of American luxury and capability. The following Lincoln SUVs for sale at our dealership will add a sense of distinction & indulgence to every drive. Let’s take a look at some model highlights:

  • The Lincoln Navigator For Sale - The Lincoln Navigator is likely the model that needs no introduction. As our flagship SUV, you’ll find the most of everything this brand has to offer, including features like intelligent suspension that adapts for the road ahead, true hands-free driving, and exquisite interior themes with a hand-made feel. See us for a test drive, or visit our Lincoln Navigator comparison page to see how the competition can’t compete.

  • The Lincoln Aviator For Sale - Is next-in-line in size but luxurious to the highest degree. The Lincoln Aviator is the ideal SUV for families that require a third-row in a vehicle focused on athleticism. Visit our Lincoln Aviator comparison page to see which SUV takes flight as the winner.

  • The Lincoln Nautilus For Sale - Is a luxurious SUV without a third row. The Lincoln Nautilus is an ideal model for families with older children or as a daily driver where your passengers are adults. Treat yourself (and your passengers) to new colors for this year, including Red Carpet, Artisan Blue, and Green Gem (among others).

  • The Lincoln Corsair For Sale - Light and swift, the Lincoln Corsair has a way to bring out the daring driver in all of us. See how this luxuriously dynamic vehicle transcends the competition on our Lincoln Corsair comparison page.

Chart a Course to Our Lincoln SUVs for Sale Near Mesa, AZ

Our vehicle specialists are standing by to assist in any way. Call, email, or drop by for a personalized showing that will demonstrate how these new Lincoln SUVs will be one of the best vehicles you’ve ever had.


Are Lincoln SUVs 4-wheel drive?

The answer to this question depends on the vehicle and trim you select. Some luxury Lincoln SUVs come standard with rear-wheel drive but feature available all-wheel and four-wheel drive. No matter the powertrain you select, however, you can be sure that your fantastic Lincoln car can conquer any obstacle that you care to put it up against. Lincoln vehicles are stylish, durable, and powerful, no matter their driving configuration.

Are Lincoln SUVs expensive to maintain?

Some drivers worry that luxury cars are especially expensive to maintain. This is not necessarily the case, however. Lincoln vehicles are durable and dependable and will not need extra maintenance compared to non-luxury vehicles. Even if some parts were on the expensive side, this would be offset by the comprehensive warranty coverage that accompanies your purchase of a new Lincoln luxury SUV.

Are Lincoln SUVs comfortable?

Lincoln has been synonymous with style and comfort for decades. As you drive down the street in your Lincoln SUV, you won't only look great, but you'll also feel great. Lincoln vehicles' interiors are packed with features and creature comforts. They are also spacious: You and all of your passengers will have enough room to stretch out and get comfortable, even in the back rows of luxury Lincoln SUVs.

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